Sunday, March 15, 2009

Crazy Little Fingers

Crazy Little Fingers is a great piece of software to keep those unwanted little fingers from messing up a document or presentation etc that you may be working on. What it is basically is a piece of software that locks your computer and runs like a kind of screen saver. If you happen to have young children around that are always trying to get at your computer. What will happen is that instead of them typing unwanted characters on your piece of work, while you are away from the computer. It will show a goat from example if they press the letter "G", and still leave the keyboard locked. Until you unlock it by pressing ctrl + alt + delete.

If you are downloading the software it offers two versions. One which is 64MB in size and comes with a complete library for all the keys on the key board, or the second version which is almost 400Kb in size (hell of a lot smaller), but the catch is that you have to put in all of the pictures for the different keys on the keyboard.

Overall Wantoks it is good little piece of software which will protect your work from the kids and keep them entertained at the same time.

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