Sunday, January 25, 2009

Not Always Right website

If you have a bit of time to kill and would like to read about some silly stuff that people do, have a read of
Not Always Right. I found it interesting to read about peoples experiences in working in retail, service, etc, jobs, and the silly customers things that they have to deal with. You hear stories all the time when working at an IT Help Desk like people ring up from another office and saying I can't start my computer, there is something wrong with it. Then you spend the next couple of minutes trying to trouble shoot a problem. Only to be told that half an hour before the computer shut down by itself there was beeping sounds and then a long beep and it shut down. There is a power black out and the UPS has run out. I guess you would have to really be in a service industry type of job to appreciate some of the things people ring up for, which basic common sense would let you know what the problem is. Like if you have no power and your UPS is not working your PC is not going to work.

Anyway according to the about section in Not Always Right the website was created because

"We believe that while customers deserve to be treated right, so do the employees and the other folks that serve them."

Wantoks if you have a few minutes to kill have a quick look, its not every ones cup of tea but some of you may like it.

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