Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Offline Gmail

Google has recently announced that Gmail is going offline. What does this mean Wantoks is that Google Labs is currently experimenting to close the gap between desktop and web-based applications. With Offline Gmail you are now able to access your Gmail from your browser any time even if you do not have an Internet connection turned on.

How Offline Gmail works is that it downloads all of your emails to your desktop. Then using Gmail offline mode is exactly like using it normally, with the exception that offline mode will make your browsing experience a hell of a lot faster. Due to the emails being stored locally.

The main downside I can see with Offline Gmail is having to download all the emails to your desktop. Depending on how many emails you send and receive it could be a couple of Gigabytes. For the majority of Wantoks that use dial up connections in Papua New Guinea it could be almost as painful as watching paint dry.

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