Monday, January 26, 2009

Power problems at Datec in Port Moresby

It seems that Datec in Port Moresby is having serious power problems. Today (26th Jan 2009) the Datec complex was shut down again, due to a power blackout. From my understanding from talking to people from different companies that use Datec as a disaster recovery site, they are seriously thinking of taking their business else where. Due to Datec's on going power problems, this is also not the first time this month that Datec has had to shut their doors to both the show room and DR room due to on going power problems. This raises the question for the Wantoks that are running large companies that can afford to use Datec as a disaster recovery site, if Datec can't even manage their own power problems how safe is your data or machines that are stored in the Datec bunker?

I also found out from a Daltron sales executive that Daltron is going to be moving into the Disaster Recovery business in the second half of 2009, when they open their doors to customers for their own bunker. If Datec can not fix their on going power problems they may just lose some more of their business to Daltron. It is my understanding that a number of large supermarkets, banks, mines, government organizations, etc currently use Datec as their Disaster recovery site. But with on going power problems how long are they really willing to risk their Data at Datec? You would think that the simple solution for Datec would be to fix their gen set and their UPS's. Instead of locking customers out and losing business at the same time, while your competitors are hanging around like a bunch of vultures.

To Datec's defense there is not to much that they can do about the poor power supply from PNG Power. The sad thing about it is that we have all got so use to doing buiness or living our lives with this below par services. That when there is a black out what every time of the day it may be no one really makes a big fuss about it any more.

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  1. Hi,

    I don't agree with what you say in the last paragraph: "To Datec's defense...". If an IT company is going to venture into the DR business then they need to accommodate for these sorts of conditions (eg: poor power supply). The UPS/battery and power fail-safe technology is available and also tried and tested.

    If Datec is having issues with providing quality power to it's DR infrastructure then can I suggest that Datec itself is neglecting the upgrade and provision of suitable UPS, battery and generator hardware for its DR Center.

    This article clearly demonstrates why I would never physically locate a website on PNG soil. If they can't guarantee 24x7 for big business then how are they going to provide availability to the smaller user.