Thursday, January 15, 2009

Why is Telikom's ADSL Broadband taking so long to roll out?

Rumor has it that part of the reason why Telikom's ADSL Broadband is taking so long to roll out is because funding for the project has ceased and Telikom is desperately trying to seek extra funding from IPBC. On the other hand could it just be another case of what happened with B Mobile and Telikom has under estimated the demand of this service?

After talking to a few different people in key positions at Telikom in the last couple of days I came to the conclusion that it is a bit of both. One the ADSL Broadband Project has limited funds and two Telikom has under estimated the demand for ADSL. When Telikom does get its act together it is going to be great for Wantoks in Papua New Guinea to have high speed internet access that does not cost you an arm or a leg.

For the readers in out laying centers that may have being experiancing slow internet connections over the last couple of days e.g. Lae, Highlands, Wewak, etc. Part of the reason was do to the radio link to Mt Yule going down. So most of the data traffic had to be re routed making the packets travel a few more hops then they usual do, hence causing it to be a bit slower. I found out from Telikom that techs are currently at Mt Yule and are trying to fix the problem. Fingers crossed hopfully the problem will be resolved by tomorrow.


  1. Been 6 months since my company applied for Telikom ADSL, hopefully they can see the demand now and keep the ball rolling.

    As for now, I'm expecting to lose both of my arms in 30 days time when the bill for newly installed wireless service arrives...

  2. From what I hear from Telikom the problem is that they have run out of funding for Core Routers which is preventing Telikom from expending its network. I hear that funding from IPBC won't get to Telikom until Feb 2009. So sorry jd it may be a while before you get ADSL.

  3. I expected a long wait, but probably not that long...thanks for the info. We're signed up with Daltron for the meantime. It's a shame there's really no other alternatives.

  4. Just a word of advise about using Daltron be very careful about the megabytes because I have found from past experience that it is very easy to blow out your megabytes limit very fast. Hence I used the tool Bitmeter to track the amount of data that I was chewing through. I did a post about Bitmeter last year which I have listed the url below. Great little tool and it could end up saving you quite a lot of Kina. Daltron also offers a megabytes used tracking tool but I found it a bit hard to use.

  5. I did see that post also; and yes we have already well exceeded our monthly quota in just a few days. Initial figures do exceed what I had planned for, so at the end of the month I'll have to re-evaluate whether it will be cheaper to go to a higher quota plan.

    We are experiencing a few problems though; there are times when the router can't retrieve an IP add from the Daltron PPPoE servers -- do you know if the Daltron servers go down often?

    Initially it was working great for the first few days after installation, it would cut out during stormy weather, but that was expected. But now, it seems to be cutting out for a few hours daily, usually at night from about 9pm onwards, but last night it was out from about 7pm and didn't come back on till 2pm today, regardless of clear skies. I called the the guys that did the installation, they said they'd check on their side and get back to me, but haven't yet, so I don't know if they actually did anything to fix it.

    I have been tracking usage NetLimiter2 (and I tried BitMeter also), but I will likely just purchase a new router with in-built tracking as well as bandwidth limiting, etc.

  6. Apart from any technical and money issue, "Telikom was NOT submitting the tariffs on the ADSL broadband service in the shape and form the ICCC wants", which is prohibiting that service to expand freely.

    Who knows, IPBC might as well be reluctant to deal with such incompetent companies?

  7. I heard the Tariffs were approved, so it should roll out soon, no?